New Paintings

For his exhibition at SPACE Studios Commissioning Space, Richard Waring is presenting a series of nine new works, which investigate the relevance of the still life genre within contemporary painting.

Small, abrupt and pleasingly awkward, the pace of the paintings initially seems intense; sweeping expressive gestures and a complex use of colour appear to be out of kilter with the scale of the works. On closer scrutiny there is a careful and slow refinement of marks and a subtle interplay of zones and colours within the picture plane, managing to cohere the paintings.

Resisting definition, the paintings look like they could have been made in the 1950s or 60s yet still retain a feeling of newness and an engagement with recent anachronistic painting. Some look faded or sun bleached and utilise a peculiar choice of disparate application techniques; Waring’s intrigue with painterly categorisation is clear, there is a visual indeterminacy that creates a curious feeling of elusiveness.